Jan 22

Go to PyCon!

PyCon 2011 is nearly upon us! The conference returns to Atlanta in March with tutorials, talks, panels and sprints, among other awesomeness.

Check out the full list of talks, tutorials and other general information. While you’re at it, register! If you register by January 25th you’ll get the early bird rate.


Lots of Python developers post the top five talks they plan on attending. As daunting a task as it is, I’ve shortened my list to the following:


Panels are a great way to get varying perspectives on a topic. I really enjoy their format and would encourage you to attend at least one panel. There are five this year at PyCon:


I have heard good things about the tutorials at PyCon but haven’t had the change to experience them myself. At $100 they provide affordable face-to-face learning with a subject matter expert. This year I’m attending (Re-)Introduction to C for Pythonistas and possibly another.

Open space sessions

One of my absolute favorite aspects of PyCon are the open space sessions. Attendees to create their own sessions by adding a post-it note to a board displayed in the hallways of the hotel. Rooms are available where others with similar interests can gather to discuss the open space topic.

The PyCon experience

I really haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what a great experience PyCon can be. In addition to the talks, panels, tutorials and open space sessions there are lightning talks, poster sessions, the expo hall and sprints. Oh, and you get to spend time with fellow attendees from diverse backgrounds over grub and booze (and sometimes bacon).

So if you’re not registered for PyCon 2011, get on it! I’ll see you in Atlanta!