Jun 03

Joining the National Geographic Team

It's official. Later this month I'll become a member of the team at National Geographic.

For nearly four years I’ve had the honor of working with an extremely talented team at Discovery Creative. It’s with mixed emotions that I announce I’ll be heading downtown to join the National Geographic team on June 21.


I can say without a doubt that my time at Discovery made me a better developer in every sense of the word. When I started at Discovery, our team consisted of myself, our creative director, and our web producer. Our size meant each of us would wear many hats from architecture and systems administration to design and development.

Over the next four years we’d produce some great work and the team would grow to a small army of skilled individuals, known within the company for quality and innovation. I wouldn’t trade the lessons learned, experience gained or friendships made during my time at Discovery for anything.

What lies ahead

As a member of the National Geographic Global Media group I’ll be working on the various properties. The current team has done an amazing job of taking the history-rich content National Geograhphic is known for and putting it online. I’m hoping to bring my background of development, planning, and design to an already skilled team.

My position at National Geographic will be a collection of firsts for me including working for a non-profit, dealing with scalability and working in a non-agency environment, to name a few. I’m looking forward to all of the challenges that lie ahead.

Moving on

I’d like to wish my current colleagues at Discovery nothing but the best. I’ll miss the team here for sure. But hey, now we can have cross-company mustache-offs* and make excuses to get together and drink. To my future colleagues at National Geographic: I’m looking forward to joining the crew… see you in a few weeks!

* Due to the slow growth of my facial hair, I won’t be able to help you win the mustache-off.