Feb 26

django-district February Recap

Notes from our February meetup, where we discussed PyCon.

We had some excellent discussions this month on everything from version control to parabolic reflectors, most of which stemmed from some divergence of a PyCon session topic. Following is a recap of the gathering.

Upcoming Events

DSF Tip Jar

This month I introduced the Django Software Foundation Tip Jar to collect donations to the DSF. Every three months I’ll send the DSF a check for the amount donated. Look for it at the March meetup!

PyCon discussion

PyCon was an epic event for all Pythonkind. There were nearly 1,200 attendees—an all-time record for PyCon. Between the incredible talks, open space sessions and poster sessions it was hard to decide what to do in Atlanta. Luckily the A/V crew for PyCon did an amazing job and has already posted video of all talks.

Of the talks that I attended, I would recommend watching the following:

  • The State of Packaging
  • Dude Where’s My Database?
  • Understanding the Python GIL
  • The Python and the Elephant: Large Scale Natural Language Processing with NLTK and Dumbo
  • Why not run all your tests all the time? A study of continuous integration systems.

Based on what others mentioned at the meeting, it looks these sessions should be seen as well:

  • The Mighty Dictionary
  • Using Python to Create Robotic Simulations for Planetary Exploration
  • Scaling your Python application on EC2
  • Demystifying Non-Blocking and Asynchronous I/O
  • Small acts make great revolutions: crafting Python and Open Source communities in Rio de Janeiro
  • Python Metaprogramming
  • New and Improved: Coming changes to unittest, the standard library test framework

Be sure to watch the lightning talks too. They were chock full of some great content. If you didn’t go this year go to PyCon 2011, which will be in the same hotel in Atlanta.

Lots of tangents

As is the usual case with django-district meetings, some great tangents took place. There are too many to discuss each so I thought I’d just provide a list of the tabs I happened to still have open in Chrome when I got home:

What’s next

Our next meeting will take place Thursday, March 25. Steve Holden, Python Software Foundation Chairman, will be visiting us to talk about the PSF and Chris Adams, NASA Developer, will talk testing. I’m also looking into holding various hack nights and tutorials in the months to come.

Thanks to everyone who managed to make it out. You’re what makes the meetings a success!