Jan 05

Podcasts and reading for the new year

A quick rundown of some of the podcasts and blogs on my list for 2010.

This year I decided to wipe out all of the podcasts in my library and start fresh. I also condensed the amount of blogs that I follow. Below is a list of what I’ll be listening to and reading as 2010 starts.



I got some good recommendations via twitter from Paul Irish, who also contributes to the yayQuery podcast I mention below. Somehow I missed the whole Huffduffer boat, so thanks for that Paul!


Nothing surprising here. Lots of Python/Django stuff. Of note is A Little Bit of Python which stars PSF members Michael Foord, Andrew Kuchling, Steve Holden, Dr. Brett Cannon and Jesse Noller. I also started checking out some JavaScript and general programming/software engineering focused podcasts.


If you’re into random things like How Kleptomania Works, check out Stuff You Should Know. It’s got a decent collection of useless knowledge. At the suggestion of Sean O’Connor I’m checking out This Week in Startups which looks pretty promising and has some good reviews.


In 2009 I suffered from a massive amount of unread blog feeds. This year I trimmed the fat and focused on a few that I’ll be reading regularly. I also added some promising feeds thanks to recommendations.

Suggestions welcome

I’d love to know what all of you are listening to and reading in the new year. Leave a comment below if you think you’ve got something that’s not on my list and worth checking out.