Oct 30

django-district October Recap

Notes from our October meeting, where we discussed Pinax.

Turnout was great for this month’s event and the discussions were even better. Following is a recap of the gathering.

Upcoming Events

Presentation: Pinax

Danny Greenfield from NASA presented an introduction to Pinax in which he provided a guided walkthrough of how to get started with Pinax as well as the core ideas behind Pinax.

Several attendees had used Pinax previously and were eager to share success stories. Most notably the Social Richmond site, which garners 800,000 page views per day.

The need for case studies

A side discussion that took place involved the need for a site that could serve as a showcase for Django sites. There would be a few main differences between this site and say, The site would:

  • Present the work as case studies
  • Present Django as a viable business solution
  • Detail technologies used, revenue generated, time saved, etc.
  • Boast a drastically improved user interface
  • Interview the design, development, and architecture teams

Danny Greenfield has also been working on a presentation that provides case studies to business executives and managers called Why Django.

What’s next

There won’t be a standard django-district meeting in November or December, but we’re working on scheduling a day-long sprint on Saturday, November 21. We’ll be collecting non-perishable foods and providing a list of open-source projects to work on related to helping those in need (e.g. All for Good). Mark your calendars.