Aug 02

django-district July Recap

Notes from our July meeting, where we discussed Django 1.1, virtualenv, pip, and Fabric.

Despite the ridiculous humidity and chance of rain, turnout for our July meeting was fantastic. Following is a recap of what was covered.

Upcoming Events

Django/python stuff to check out

Presentation: Django 1.1

James Turk from Sunlight Foundation put together a presentation on Django 1.1 in which he discussed new features, backwards incompatible changes and ORM improvements among other things. James and team also have some great open-source Django apps available at Github.

Presentation: virtualenv and pip

I did a demo on working with virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper and pip. My post covers most of what I went over with screencasts, diagrams and links.

Presentation: Fabric

Corey Oordt from The Washington Times presented Fabric to the group. He walked through key concepts of using Fabric for automation of server tasks and deployment of projects and showed some great sample code.

Mixing it up

We briefly discussed the fact that to-date all of our meetings have been geared towards those with significant experience with Django. I’ve received several emails from folks who are just starting out with Django and would like to see more topics geared towards newcomers to the framework. I’d like for django-district to become move inclusive in this respect by mixing up the types of talks and level of experience required to be able to follow along.

Some examples of talks that could be helpful in this respect:

  • Moving from PHP Framework X to Django
  • Django project/application architecture
  • Setting up a local Django environment

I’d also like to propose Lightning Walks. These will be five minute walkthroughs of a particular aspect of Django. They could be geared towards any experience level. Examples could include:

  • How to use reverse
  • Writing a custom Manager
  • Writing your own context processors
  • How to use the cache framework
  • Useful commands
  • How to write admin actions

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts. If you’ve got a topic you’d like to present, please send me an email or leave a comment below.


Thanks to our presenters and to everyone that was able to attend. Our next meeting will take place August 27 at 7pm at Discovery (topics TBD). Mark your calendars and RSVP.