May 04

django-district April Recap

Notes from our successful first meeting with presentations from Justin Quick and Derek Willis.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the first django-district! We had a great turnout and 2 great presentations. A recap follows…

django-district basics

We’ll meet the last Thursday of each month at Discovery. We talked about the mailing list and encouraged those who haven’t signed up to join. There are also two twitter accounts to follow for updates: @django_district and @richleland.

Meeting focus: APIs

Everyone was pretty familiar w/APIs, so I skipped any intro to APIs and just showed some examples of usage and resources. Links are included in my slides to external resources and django applicaitons.

Presentation: Derek Willis from

After some technical difficulties with our wireless and monitor adapters, Derek presented Represent. He included a great background on the team and how Represent was constructed using GeoDjango, PostgreSQL with PostGIS, and GEOS. He mentioned some new features the team was working on for Represent, which have since been released. An API for Represent may be available in June or July.

Presentation: Justin Quick from The Washington Times

Justin presented Open Source @ The Washington Times. He provided information on The Washington Times team and server architecture and proceeded to discuss his team’s open source projects, including django- apibuilder. He wrote a blog post which includes slides.

Upcoming events

The May meeting will take place May 28 at 7pm at Discovery. Several members offered to host future django-district events at their offices as well. We’ll have the first few meetings at Discovery to get things off the ground and then have some future meetings at other locationsto mix things up. Other events of note:

  • DC EuroDjangoCon sprints – May 7-8 – locaiton TBD
  • django dash – May 30-31

Suggestions welcome

I’m looking for suggestions for future topics. Jim Kukla and Ian Peters offered to present some of their work at a future meeting (I’ll take you up on that offer!). If you have any ideas or would like to present, let me know! Ian also suggested including 5-minute lightning talks in the meetings. If you have an idea for a lightning talk let’s do it.

I hope everyone had a great time. Look forward to seeing all of you again on May 28! Thanks for coming!